Sealing the Exterior Surface of a yacht renovating boat gel coat Protective
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Polish • finish coatings • Protection

• Yacht Sealer specialise in solutions for maintenance and surface treatment of boat hulls.

The blue hulls, including the exclusive benefit of a particular program to find the color and brightness of origin with a two-component long-term protection.

The marine polish with a formula to removing the general yellowing then nanotechnology protective coatings, guarantees a high quality result.

"A la carte" service is offered for yachts, to treat the areas exposed to UV's and regain quality of optimal brightness.

From the great wash of spring, the "fresh Cup", to "Super Cruise" long term finish protection, YACHT SEALER will recommend the service for your boat.

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Frédéric Herrou manager
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St Tropez, Cannes, Golfe-Juan, Antibes, Nice
gel coat sealer, using chemical nanotechnology to clean, seal and protect gelcoat above the waterline | Riviera boat polish
before/after hull renovation
deep cleaning and yacht care YACHT-SEALER surface treatments for gelcoat and paint

French Riviera Polish | nanotechnology yachting

FRESH CUP: thoroughly clean and remove all stains.
the great big spring cleanup
Sailboat, motor boat, yacht

REGATTA: remove general yellowing & detern
Protective wax finish - Finish Star

RIVIERA: revive the shine
Medium and fine polishing with water, protective wax finish - Hard Wax
Motor Boat & yacht

SUPER-CRUISE: revive and protect sensitive color
Medium and fine polishing with water, polyurethane protection for blue hull
finishing and hull protective coatings using the latest NanoTechnology developments in surface care
Sailboat, Motor Boat, yacht

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